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Improve Vehicle Efficiencies and Reduce Costs!

Pro-Cloud Fleet is the complete package, ensuring you are always aware of driver locations, important vehicle maintenance indications and real-time routing. Obtain past and present data and analyse your fleet with ease, making sure your vehicles are fully utilised and maintained at all times.

Device Agnostic Mobile Working

Our dedicated mobile app enables anytime remote access to Pro-Cloud Fleet, bringing automated up to date information to users anytime, anywhere.
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Bring instant visualisation to your owned, leased or hired fleet in one simple to use interface. Pro-Cloud Fleet takes care of day to day servicing, MOT, Tyre and inspection management. Mileage is also managed and warns of ‘busting’ contract limits, avoiding excess mileage charges.

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Through the use of our advanced telematics device, fleet efficiency indications and vehicle tracking links seamlessly with fleet management. A device is fitted to each vehicle in a fleet, which instantly transmits the data required, linking back to the Pro-Cloud system in real time. The use of telematics means full analysis and comparisons of vehicles can be made at the click of a button.

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Accident Management

Accident Management

In-built accident management allows real time recording of all important information to ensure claim headaches are dealt with, improving the odds of keeping your insurance premiums down, while allowing fleet managers to appeal driver and vehicle fines more successfully. Incidents can be recording immediately via our dedicated app, enabling personnel to deal with it as soon as possible, decreasing vehicle downtime throughout the business.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management Screen

  • Vehicle logging and maintenance
  • Asset Control
  • Driver Administration
  • Up to Date Service alerts such as MOT, insurance requirements
  • Keep track of Driver and Vehicle histories


  • In depth driver analysis, rate drivers on safety, efficiency and route strictness
  • Provide live driver feedback, showing driver his rating, providing comparison to other driver leaderboards, behavioural element of driver management
  • Live route tracking, allowing up to date job tracking and more accurate ETA times for customers

Telematics Screen

  • Improve stolen vehicle recovery with live tracking data
  • In-built driver fuel management, monitors fuel usage and purchases, leading to a reduction in fuel thefts.
  • Vehicle analysis and comparison, find the most efficient vehicles for your business.

Accident Management

  • Record vehicle incidents via mobile app (Driver)
  • Manage vehicle fines using data collected by drivers
  • Document and manage driver accidents allowing the managers to better apportion blame for incidents
  • Can view telematics data for incidents to allow better analysis of accidents
    * requires Telematics add on

Accident Management Screen

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